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About the Artist

Retired from teaching middle school, Michael Pugh took a teaching activity, made it a hobby and turned it into a business. He has been turning wood for over 25 years, making decorative wood pieces and pens.



Twist pens operate by twisting the barrel to expose the ballpoint. Cartridges are changed by grasping each end of the pen and firmly pulling apart. Twist the end cap of the cartridge, counter-clockwise, to release it from the pen. Cross® pen refills work best for these handcrafted pens.

Click pens have gel or ballpoint ink. To change the gel cartridge, carefully unscrew the point end cap, release the spring and pull out the spent cartridge. Parker® refills work best.

Fountain pens come with a pump and a cartridge. A separate sheet is provided on the care and use of these special pens when purchased.

CARE FOR YOUR PEN - the pens have no varnish or shellac. They are finished with three wax coats. To clean and freshen your pen, apply a fine furniture polish to a rags and wipe the pen with the polish.

Why us? Pens by Pugh uses the finest wood and kits to hand craft quality pens, pencils and styluses. Each pen is individually turned, which creates the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for any occasion.

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